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Long Branch H.E.A.R.S. is dedicated to establishing Long Branch as a recovery friendly community through Health, Education Addiction and Recovery Support. We promote awareness and advocacy at the local level while creating partnerships, collaborating and building bridges between our county providers and programs. Our ultimate vision is a supportive, stigma free, prevention and recovery community.

Addiction affects everyone - your family, your neighbors, your co-workers, your friend... Maybe even YOU. We can help provide you with the resources to turn lives around.

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While Long Branch HEARS is incorporated as a non-profit, we do not yet have 501c3 status.


  • 2020

    United States -
    New Jersey - 1595
    Monmouth County - 99

    (Jan-June 2020)
  • 2019

    United States - 71,999
    New Jersey - 3021
    Monmouth County - 187

  • 2018

    United States - 68,557
    New Jersey - 3006
    Monmouth County - 221

  • 2017

    United States - 72,000
    New Jersey - 2737
    Monmouth County - 172

Our Initiatives

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2020 Don't Give Up

Initially, Don’t give Up was an idea for a project, displaying signs saying Don’t Give Up all around the city, illustrating that someone somewhere cares about what happens to you.

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2019 Stop the Stigma

Isn’t it Time to recognize that our community members who suffer from substance use have an increased chance of recovery if they are better understood!

Upcoming Event:
COMMUNITY CONNECTION – A Quarterly Breakfast Event

YOU ARE INVITED!  Bring your friends and family. Our Quarterly breakfasts are good for your heart and promise to kick start your day.  It’s said to be true that what we focus on expands! Connecting with the community and listening to stories of hope from those in recovery can be quite enriching and reminds us of why we do what we do!  We also hear updates from local residents, organizations, professionals, the police department and others about all that is being done, as well as what work is ahead to establish Long Branch as a recovery healthy community!  Complete the form below to join our email list..


Monmouth Family Health Center


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