2019 Stop The Stigma

Isn’t it Time to recognize that our community members who suffer from substance use have an increased chance of recovery if they are better understood!  Isn’t it Time to champion this cause here in Long Branch?  Isn’t it Time for respect and understanding to lead the charge so critical to the success of building a recovery healthy community?

These resounding messages rang true in our initial H.E.A.R.S. development committee meetings.  It is no secret that substance use effects many in our community and that the stigma and shame people experience daily isn’t helping to improve their lives.  When was the last time shaming someone made them a better person?

We agreed “Stop the Stigma” was an appropriate first initiative for Long Branch H.E.A.R.S.  Our commitment to a stigma free community is steeped in passion and heart for all those in need.  “Stop the Stigma” included monthly meetings, speaking at various organizations and events and communicating on a one to one basis with local Long Branch residents who wanted to learn more. Many, if not all, made the commitment to listen more carefully and supported this issue with intention by signing our Stop the Stigma Banner.


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