Aug 31

International Overdose Awareness Day

The importance of what we at Long Branch H.E.A.R.S. do resonates profoundly at our main event late in August each year.  On International Overdose Awareness Day we acknowledge those souls who have lost their battle with substance use. The statistics speak for themselves and drive our resolve to never forget what we stand for.  The lives lost to this insidious disease and the sheer numbers of those at risk are why we will never quit.   Although a somber event, we focus on what we do best; bringing awareness to the ravages of this disease and advocating for change, as well as shedding light on those who find sobriety and sustain recovery.  Our hope is that one day we will not need an overdose awareness day, but until then we will not give up.


Tues June 23

8:00 am

Community Connection Breakfast

Our Quarterly Community Connection Breakfast returns, virtual this time! In keeping with our theme, Don't Give Up, we offer this time to meet up and keep the momentum going! We have 2 very dynamic speakers, spotlight on our citizens, give aways and much more!

Tue March 10

8:30 am
Long Branch Elks Lodge # 742

Community Connection Breakfast

The Mayor’s Task Force On Substance Use celebrates our first-year accomplishments and our 2nd-year initiative DON’T GIVE UP!  This event welcomes everyone....residents, business owners, professionals, our government officials, the recovery community, school staff & students, law enforcement, our faith-based friends, our neighbors, and you.

Thurs Feb 6

6:00 pm
School of Social Justice


In Partnership with the RWJBH Institute of Prevention and Recovery's Quarterly Speaker Series:  Long Branch H.E.A.R.S. was honored to be a part of this impactful event.


  • 2020

    United States -
    New Jersey - 1595
    Monmouth County - 99

    (Jan-June 2020)
  • 2019

    United States - 71,999
    New Jersey - 3021
    Monmouth County - 187

  • 2018

    United States - 68,557
    New Jersey - 3006
    Monmouth County - 221

  • 2017

    United States - 72,000
    New Jersey - 2737
    Monmouth County - 172

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